Mental Benefits

Relieve Stress

Shift Perspective

Gain Clarity

Resolve Current & Stored Emotions

Neutralize Negative Memories

Improve Relationships

Improve Self-Esteem

Improve Self-Confidence

Repattern Limiting Beliefs

Physical Benefits

Stimulate Healing

Clear Meridians

Balance Energy Centers

Improve Sleep

Relieve Stress

Reduce Cortisol

Relieve Pain

Shift Habits

Stimulate Weight Loss


Spiritual Benefits

Clear Meridians

Improve Flow of Life Force Energy

Gain Clarity/ Insight

Gain Positive Perspective

Find Forgiveness

Align with Purpose & Gifts

What is Emotional Freedom Technique-Tapping?

EFT-Tapping is a powerful and effective self-help tool based on the premise that imbalances in a body’s energy system, brought about by stored, unresolved emotions, have a profound effect on one’s psychology and may be at the root of many diseases, disorders and conditions. EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy, and combines them with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on 8-12 acupuncture points that are situated just beneath the surface of the skin. In an EFT session, the practitioner guides the client through gently tapping on various meridian end-points on the body while the client focuses on whatever is troubling them. This collapses the intensity and neutralizes the emotional association to the experience. EFT can be applied to anything in a person’s life that holds an emotional charge. The discomfort of focusing on the problem is minimal due to the rapid shift that EFT initiates in the autonomic nervous system and rapid deactivation of emotional association to the issue. My goal as a practitioner is to always resolve and neutralize the root cause of any problem within our sessions together, but I am also dedicated to equipping all of my clients with the knowledge of how to use this amazing self-help tool on their own. By the end of the first session, all clients have a basic, workable knowledge of how to use EFT whenever they may need it. Clients often report feeling calm, centered, confident, liberated and empowered after a session.

*For more information, see EFT-Tapping FAQ's.

How Does EFT-Tapping work?

EFT is so effective because of the unique combination of techniques that it incorporates.

First, EFT, is rooted in acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings and emotions, just as they currently are. This practice of awareness and acceptance provides the foundation and space for massive shifts to take place.

Secondly, tapping on the acupuncture points naturally relieves stress and helps to clear our body’s meridians of stagnant energy. Allowing life force energy to flow easily throughout our energy system as it is intended to. Many clients report physical sensations of “release” or “tingles” and easier breathing as the clearing work is done.

Lastly, EFT effectively neutralizes and resolves the emotional charge of past, stored experiences, thus relieves all current associated problems that those emotions are contributing to. Tapping soothes the body and decreases cortisol levels. When we tap while reviewing a traumatic experience, we introduce a non-traumatic physical stimulus which interrupts the emotional triggering that we've created through the traumatic memory. This breaks the power of the memory, reducing it's emotional intensity. Afterward, the nervous system no longer associates the memory with stress. After clearing an issue, clients often report that they just can’t really connect with it anymore. The memory is always still there, but it holds no emotional charge. Often clients gain an entirely new perspective of the situation, sometimes even a positive one. Once the underlying experiences are resolved, the mind and body are primed for accepting and integrating new and beneficial thoughts, perspectives and beliefs.

People of today’s society are generally full of unresolved, repressed and stored emotions and emotional trauma, mostly created during childhood but not always, that are carried around subconsciously, causing us much grief, limiting our ability to reach goals and can even cause acute and chronic health conditions. We get triggered by the people and situations around us, a lot of the time without any conscious understanding of why. With EFT, we can effectively and rapidly get to the root of our emotional turmoil. We can resolve our emotions, repattern our stress response and change our limiting beliefs, thereby allowing us to shift our habits, heal our bodies, reach our goals and live in relative harmony with others, with ourselves and the world. New things will always arise in life, but with EFT, you are equipped to handle anything.

EFT-Tapping has been known to effectively treat the emotional, psychosomatic and metaphysical causes of:
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Fears/Phobias
  • Depression
  • Aches & Pain
  • Obesity
  • Cravings/Addictions
  • Fibromyalgia and many other physical health conditions!

***Note: EFT-Tapping should be used as a complementary treatment for medical conditions. Used in conjunction with your current medical treatment, EFT can help to relieve your stress, anxiety, pain and emotions associated with your condition. Though no claim is being made that it can heal you, it can help to put your mind and body in an optimal state for your body’s natural healing abilities to work efficiently. Always consult your physician before beginning EFT for a medical issue. All EFT-Tapping videos and downloads are to be used responsibly at one's own discretion.

*For more information, see EFT-Tapping FAQ's

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